Joint projects

  • EOS project ShapeME (CMT-UA, ETSF-UCL, DYNAMAT-UG, UL, and imec)
  • FWO PhD fellowship of Denis Sabani (collaboration between CMT-UA and UL)
  • FWO Postdoctoral fellowship of Mehmet Yagmurcukardes (collaboration between CMT-UA and CENT)
  • FWO Postdoctoral fellowship of Sara Conti (collaboration between CMT-UA and SNL)
  • FWO-SBO PhD fellowship of Héléna Verbeeck (collaboration between SCALINT-KUL, EMAT-UA and CMT-UA)
  • FWO project on “Atomically-thin membranes for water and ion transport” (collaboration between CMT-UA and PLASMANT-UA)
  • FWO project on “Hybrid spin-charge quantum systems based of single point defects in diamond: Combined theoretical and experimental approach” (collaboration between CMT-UA and EMAT-UA)
  • NANOlab Center of Excellence: “Bringing nanoscience from the lab to society” (collaboration between CMT-UA, EMAT-UA, and PLASMANT-UA)